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Your Investment...your return

Startup Services


If you would like to get a sense of our services, our first conversation will be free of charge. Assignments are competitively priced and quoted module by module before we start working together. Due to the complex nature of a startup, we do not publish prices here. Each assignment will be viewed for it's original challenge and calculated efficiently.

Interim Director Services

Onsite Management.

Any investment has to show a return. iSPAD will offer a rate based on individual circumstances that you will easily be able to justify. Of course besides receiving solid performance and the knowledge that your operations are in good hands, you save the usual substantial additional costs of vacation, bonuses, sick days, training etc. Our goal is to give you more than your investment's worth of financial and strategic success.

We will negotiate a competitive contract with flexibility, an appropriate fee and submit a proposal for your consideration.

Rapid deployment is our specialty. We accept domestic and international assignments. Remember: We work as independent consultants and will therefore will have no impact on your HR benefits budget.


Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching is priced based on estimated time needed for any research and development as well as teleconference or onsite visit time and expenses necessary to address the task presented. Coaching will be quoted with a definitive price.


Mentoring is available as a monthly subscription that can be terminated at the end of each month. The subscription price per month is $1200 for 4 one-hour teleconference sessions and $2100 for 8 one-hour teleconference sessions per month. The price includes the extensive manual and any additional material supplied by iSPAD.


For an immediate response email Nicolay Kreidler